Times Square

Anna Smudge longs to help those around her. Quenton Cohen wants to awaken the world’s taste buds. Rachel Riley believes reporting is a quest for truth…

They are part of a growing group of friends, each with their own individual careers, known at their school as The Professionals. Using their unique skills, they must work together to track down an elusive criminal mastermind known only as Mr. Who.

Forging unforgettable bonds, these 11-year-olds prove that talent, passion, and perseverance have no age restriction.

This is the series that tells your students:
It’s never too early to start pursuing your dreams!

"This is one kid's book that may make them aspire to be something other than Hannah Montana."

—The Associated Press

“An easy entrée into discussions about peer relations like bullying and friendship.”

—Paula McMillen, Ph.D., Children’s Li

“What fun! (Anna Smudge is) a gutsy and intelligent heroine who never talks down to her prime audience.”

—Family Time Magazine

"...deftly written and highly recommended..."

—Midwest Book Review



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